Chinese Medicine

Cultural History of Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is the culmination of thousands of years of knowledge. Using an understanding of body, mind, and energy, it is a holistic practice of medicine that addresses the whole person in a natural manner.




A traditional form of Chinese Medicine by which key points of the body are stimulated with needles to relieve physical ailments and stress as well as promoting the body to heal itself 

Cupping Therapy

A technique that encourages blood flow and the flow of qi (chi) through the use of special cups.

Tui Na

Translating to “pinch and pull,” this is a traditional form of bodywork used in  Chinese Medicine. Jonathan practices a lineage form of bodywork called Jin Shou Tui Na, that is traditionally practiced by martial artists to treat trauma from both chronic and acute injuries.

Gua Sha

Also called ‘coining, spooning or scraping’, Gua sha is the use of tools to remove unhealthy elements from an injury to promote the body to heal

Herbal Prescriptions

A long tradition in Chinese Medicine is the use of natural herbs to supplement treatments. Herbal prescriptions are nuanced and might change as a persons health and needs change so as to always provide the most effective support to the body.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition is a powerful tool that can be used quite effectively to support your body healing itself. Strategic changes in diet and nutrition can help create noticeable and long term improvements in health


Services to help common problems

Back or Muscle Pain?

Mild to severe back pain?
A combination of Acupuncture, Bodywork and/or Cupping services can help relieve back pain and inflammation.

Trouble Sleeping?

Problems sleeping?
A combination of Acupuncture, Botanical herbal formulas, and/or Changes in Lifestyle could help you get a more restful sleep.

Headaches or Fatigued?

Having Headache or feeling fatigued?
 A combination of Acupuncture, Bodywork or Gua Sha services can help you feel better.

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